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  • ACE Advanced Clearance Ensemble By Allen Vanguard

    The ACE is a modular personal protective equipment (PPE) design that soldiers can scale up or down for performing demining, mine clearance, UXO and booby trap clearance during peacetime and conflict. The ACE starts with a Vest. Soldiers can add Trousers, Sleeves, and either Blast Plates or... Read More
  • ACE software By MdE Inc.

    Manage In-service and Academy training, certifications, qualifications. Identify upcoming training due to expire, track individual's training records. Manage Field Training records. Customize as agency needs change. Workshops in Field Training, Communications, Supervision, Ethics, etc. Read More
  • Active Shooter: Rapid Response By Emergency Film Group

    Safety training for emergency responders who may be involved in response to a mass shooting. In such incidents, normal safety protocols may be suspended as law enforcement personnel and others quickly respond without waiting for support teams. This compelling program combines realistic scenarios... Read More
  • Advanced Enclosure System By Allen Vanguard

    The 4-panel Advanced Enclosure was developed to enhance the Blast/CBRN Containment, Mitigation and Decontamination capabilities of the Universal Containment System (UCS). It is a recommended optional accessory to the standard UCS system, and allows a Bomb Disposal Technician greater flexibility... Read More
  • AE LifeLight 30 By AE Light

    The AE LifeLight™ is a flashlight, divelight, searchlight, and emergency light all in one and has recently completed testing for Class 1, Division 1, Groups A-F (all gases and dust). This intrinsically safe flashlight is ideal for use in hazardous locations. Using standard AA batteries it will... Read More
  • AE MK2 Tactical Flashlight By AE Light

    The AE MK2 is a compact dual switch, dual output LED tactical flashlight with instant pulse. The primary tactical switch controls on/off as well as Hi/Low output with momentary. The secondary side switch controls Immediate Pulse with on/off function. The pulse can be activated any time by simply... Read More
  • AE P.I. By AE Light

    The AE P.I. is a versatile flashlight capable of numerous tasks. The powerful 200 lumen clear crisp beam projects up to 300ft and fits in the palm of your hand. Utlizing rechargeable 18650 lithium ion battery, or CR123's, the P.I. will stay on for up to 4 hours. Numerous options make the P.I.... Read More
  • AED Plus Automated External Defibrillator By ZOLL Medical Corporation

    The AED Plus is the first and only automated external defibrillator (AED) with Real CPR Help for rate and depth of chest compressions. This real-time feedback helps provide the best manual CPR possible. Audio and visual prompts help you rescue with confidence and clarity unmatched by any other... Read More
  • AED Pro Automated External Defibrillator By ZOLL Medical Corporation

    The AED Pro is designed to meet the needs of basic life support rescuers. With Real CPR Help and See-Thru CPR, its unmatched ruggedness and durability, and its advanced capabilities which include ECG monitoring and optional manual override, the AED Pro is a dependable yet versatile... Read More
  • AEX20 By AE Light

    XENIDES® (zee-nide) HID handheld searchlights are widely used by professionals in need of lighting targets over long distance. The intense beam of the AEX20 will project up to 2500' with a clear beam distance of 1000'. The AEX20-EP is Certified for Class 1 Division 1, Groups A - F (all gases, &... Read More
  • AEX25 By AE Light

    AE Xenide AEX25 produces 1500+ lumens and projects its beam up to 3500' with clear view projection of 1500'. Run time with this model is 2+ hours. Ergonomically designed to fit in your hand the AEX25 is well balanced with convenient thumb press activation. Independently tested by Ummana... Read More
  • AFIX Identifier By AFIX Technologies

    AFIX Identifier® provides the ability to identify unknown subjects by conducting a 1:n search of fingerprint databases. AFIX Identifier® searches using 2 to 10 fingerprint images captured from the unknown subject with the included digital capture device. Read More
  • AFIX Tracker By AFIX Technologies

    AFIX Tracker® is a minutia-based fingerprint and palmprint identification system. This product has multiple applications but is aimed principally toward crime scene investigation. AFIX Tracker® provides many advanced capabilities including “lights out” remote search and fully-scalable search... Read More
  • AFIX Verifier By AFIX Technologies

    We don’t have to tell you, releasing the wrong prisoner is a serious mistake. But with AFIX Verifier® your officers can confirm identity by fingerprint in a matter of seconds. Confirm or disprove a claimed identity by performing a 1:1 minutiae-based comparison of two fingerprint images, one... Read More
  • Air Cascade Systems By American Airworks™

    Air cascade systems allow you to fill more cylinders faster than using just a HP breathing air compressor. Air from your cascade system helps turn around SCBA cylinders faster and allows you to use a smaller compressor at less cost. We offer 4500, 5000 and 6000 PSI air storage systems. We also... Read More
  • Air Foam Dolly By Allen Vanguard

    The Air Foam Dolly System (AFDS) is a rugged portable self-contained unit that delivers CASCAD foam for CBRN Decontamination and EOD/IEDD Blast Mitigation operations. The Air Foam Dolly System can decontaminate Chemical/Biological (C/B) agents from as much as 140 m2 (1506 ft2) of surface area... Read More
  • AirLink® GX400 Wireless 3G Gateway with GPS By Sierra Wireless

    Its compact, rugged form factor and advanced GPS make it a powerful solution, at an affordable price, for both fixed and mobile environments. With 3G mobile broadband connectivity, the GX400 is designed for use in mobile environments (AVL/tracking, field service, public safety) or fixed/portable... Read More
  • AirLink® GX440 Wireless 4G LTE Gateway with GPS By Sierra Wireless

    Its compact, rugged form factor and advanced GPS make it a powerful solution at an affordable price. With 4G LTE mobile broadband connectivity, the AirLink GX440 is designed for use in mobile environments (mobile office, field service, public safety) or fixed/portable settings (security,... Read More
  • Airworks EB Electric Oxygen/Nitrogen Gas Booster By American Airworks™

    Our new electric gas booster will work with all types of gases such as air, argon, CNG, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, to name a few. Provides up to 18 SCFM flow rates and outlet pressure up to 10,000 PSI. Used in military, industry, fire service, mining rescue, aviation ground service,... Read More
  • ALCU Series Auxiliary Liquid Chillers By Allen Vanguard

    ALCU Auxiliary Liquid Chiller Units are mechanical chillers specifically engineered for confined spaces and harsh environments found in military vehicles but are also suitable for public safety response vehicles. An ALCU chiller easily integrates into the vehicle's existing air conditioning... Read More
  • ALEA EXPO 2017 By Airborne Law Enforcement Assn.

    Join us at ALEA EXPO 2017 in Reno, NV : July 23 - 28, 2017. ALEA EXPO 2017 sets the standard for excellence in the field of public safety aviation. Filled with education and training, ALEA will again offer some of the best conference courses and classes in our industry, presented by the experts... Read More
  • All Online Degree Programs By Columbia Southern University

    At Columbia Southern University (CSU), we offer completely online degree programs, open enrollment and a flexible learning style designed to accommodate your life. We offer completely online associate, bachelor, master, doctoral and certificate programs. Read More
  • Alternative Work Schedules By BMS Shift Scheduling Software

    More and more organizations are adopting work schedules with longer hours and/or multiple shifts to meet extended operating hours. Business Management Systems, makers of Snap Schedule Employee Scheduling Software, provide a collection of commonly used fixed and rotating shift schedules on their... Read More
  • Ambush By Bobster Eyewear

    The Ambush is sleek and stylish while providing high impact protection to meet ANSI Z87 + standards--a rare combination. The black, nylon frame wraps around providing extra protection while the removable, closed cell foam creates a seal around the eyes. The temples remove and convert to a goggle... Read More
  • American Flags By A-B Emblem

    These American Flag Emblems are the finest made in the world. Each Emblem pictured here is Fully Embroidered, meaning the entire surface of these fine emblems is completely stitched. Read More
  • ANSI Class 2 Safety Vests By Traffic Safety Warehouse

    One of our best value class 2 mesh vests available in fluorescent Yellow and Orange with simple reflective striping. Read More
  • Armadillo Dollar By Wisteria House Products, LLC

    The best RFID shield for contactless identity theft protection from invisible RF thieves on the market. Made in the USA. Read More
  • Armor Wall By Patriot3, Inc.

    Patriot3 proudly introduces its new Armor Wall, the first complete mobile ballistic barrier system. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, this truly transportable perimeter wall system provides ballistic protection wherever and whenever you need it with complete versatility. Each section can be... Read More
  • ASP Chain Training Restraints (Red) - Handcuffs By Security Pro USA

    All ASP Training Restraints are identical to their operational counterparts. They can be cased, carried and presented in the same manner as their tactical twin. Red Training Chain, Hinge, and Rigid are applied using the same Rock & Lock handcuffing procedure. They may then be rapidly removed... Read More
  • ASP FRICTION LOC EXPANDABLE BATONS By Midwest Public Safety Outfitters

    The ASP Tactical Baton is the most tactically sophisticated impact weapon currently available to law enforcement personnel. Tested by the most elite federal teams, the ASP Baton has proven itself "virtually indestructible." This is the first choice of the world's most tactically advanced law... Read More
  • ASP Handcuffs By Handcuff Warehouse

    ASP handcuffs combine innovative design, advanced materials, and cutting edge technology. ASP handcuffs are the result of an 8 year design effort that incorporates real world design features to set a new standard for safety and security. The high contact bow has fully radiused edges, deep set... Read More
  • ASP Red Guns & Training Replicas By Security Pro USA

    All too frequently, law enforcement officers have been killed in a training environment with “unloaded” firearms. Red handled weapons can be confused with live firearms when held in the hand. Aluminum castings are heavy and cannot be distinguished from stainless weapons at a distance. The Red... Read More
  • ASP Tactical Friction Loc F16 Baton 52210 By Skaggs Companies

    Features: Foamed Vinyl Grip Easily carried and readily at hand Unparalleled psychological deterrence Low profile, improved public image No sharp edges that can abrade clothing or cut an assailant Better balance than traditional impact weapons Length closed:6 - 1/4" Length Extended:16" Read More
  • ASP Tactical Friction Loc F16 Batons 52211 By Skaggs Companies

    Features: Foamed Vinyl Grip Easily carried and readily at hand Unparalleled psychological deterrence Low profile, improved public image No sharp edges that can abrade clothing or cut an assailant Better balance than traditional impact weapons Length closed:6 - 1/4" Length Extended:16" Read More
  • ASP® Tri-Fold Asp Flex Cuff Restraints By Skaggs Companies

    ASP Tri-Fold Single-Use restraints are compact, easily carried and rapidly applied. Specifically designed to law enforcement standards, the wide brightly colored straps have no sharp edges. Tri-Fold restraints open to oversize loops and are rapidly pulled to close for secure detention. The... Read More
  • Assault Ramp 15310 By Little Giant Ladder

    The Velocity Assault Ramp features a lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with black anodized armor for a subdued, non-reflective finish. The Assault Ramp’s quick-release Rock Locks™ make it easy to extend and deploy quickly, allowing tactical teams to rush targets faster with more... Read More
  • AT-M4 Transport Case By Americase, Inc.®

    This case is built for compact weapons plus accessories. Our dual layer foam system allows you to use compression to hold the contents in place, or the high density foam layer can be cut out to inlay the weapon for added security. The case features black powdercoating, two padlockable latches... Read More
  • Avenger Enterprise By Nine Eleven Software™

    Avenger Enterprise is our complete law enforcement software suite. Avenger Enterprise is the only completely web based software suite available to police departments on the market today. Our software is priced right for tight budgets. Avenger Enterprise includes: Computer Aided Dispatch,... Read More