TigerLight Inc.

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473 West 910 South
Heber, UT 84032-2494
About TigerLight Inc.
  • TigerLight, Inc. is headquartered in Heber City, Utah. Sgt. Randy Teig, invented the TigerLight® Non-Lethal Defense System flashlight while working the gang unit for a large Northwest police department. Sgt. Teig is a highly decorated officer with medals for valor and life saving medals.

    Randy and his partner’s lives were saved by the TigerLight® their first night on the street with it when a subject they stopped in a vehicle tried to shoot them from inside his vehicle but was surprised with a blast of pepper.

    The TigerLight® proved to be the most effective non-lethal weapon in close-proximity violent encounters(See Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Study).

    TigerLights were introduced to the civilian population in 2008 with the TigerLight® T100. The original TigerLight® has seen continual improvements with the introduction of the Series II and Series III TigerLights and the new 600 lumen LED module.
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Products by TigerLight Inc.
  • TigerLight® Non-Lethal Defense System

    The TigerLight® Non-lethal Defense System flashlight is the #1 most effective non-lethal weapon in existence achieving a 96% stop rate on an average of 2.6 subjects at a time in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department study with 500 officers over six months. The high intensity flashlight... Read more
  • Series II

    This is the NEW TigerLight® Series II Non-Lethal Defense System flashlight. Known for having saved a number of lives, having the highest “stop rate” (96% - See LASD Study) on violent subjects of any non-lethal weapon currently in use, this incredibly powerful rechargeable TigerLight®... Read more
  • TigerLight® Series III

    The TigerLight® Series III model contains one TigerLight® flashlight built with high grade aircraft aluminum. Some of the upgrades from the Series I (Gold Series) are: Improved grip with a knurled finish •Machined grooves in the knurled finish for a positive grip in extreme... Read more